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14 04 2009

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. I grew tired of blogger and its little bugs. Hopefully this is going to work better.

Please enjoy the music while your party waits!


What we do for ourselves dies with us.

What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

Albert Pine

Southwest Spirits

I Hate The New Free WordPress

13 12 2011

I just wish they would leave me alone and let ME decide what I want to do without all their stupid aggravating suggestions.

I do not care what freakin number post this is.

I do not need to know how many words I used in a post.

( there is a damn wordcount right in the post window,

how stupid does one need to be? )

I do not need all their suggestions.

I think I will move back to Blogger, tell me what you think?


17 05 2010

A quick post, will be back later with details


850KOA Live

20 09 2009

850KOA Live

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Oliver Mtukudzi Nhava

20 06 2009

Oliver Mtukudzi – Nhava

FLAC | 1:46:22 mins | 2005 | 407.72 MB

Singer/guitarist/activist Oliver Mtukudzi has cut a broad swath through his native Zimbabwe. He has recorded countless records and become the country’s biggest star, but his work is less known on this side of the pond. Here on Nhava (which is the Zimbabwean word for “carrying bag”), Mtukudzi offers bag of tunes overflowing with sunny African melodies and lyrics with messages of encouragement and advice. The words are married to a unique style called “Tuku music” (Tuku is his nickname), where Mtukudzi draws upon traditional forms of mbira, modern jiti and South African mbanqanga. In layman’s terms, it means Mtukudzi’s deep voice, a strong chorus of background vocals, and highly danceable interlocking rhythms of African drums and electric guitars. Highlights include the chiming “Ninipa” and the hypnotic “Pindirai.” Regardless of whether Mtukudzi has heard the dance floor mantra, “Free your mind and you feet will follow,” he’s practicing it here on Nhava. –Tad Hendrickson

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Native American Robert Mirabal’s “In the Blood”

26 04 2009

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Medwyn Goodall – Comet

15 04 2009


Medwyn Goodall – Comet

MP3@192  |  56:09 mins  |  1999  |  65.09 MB

Medwyn Goodall is among the most prolific and encompassing of New Age synthesists.  There isn’t a New Age concept that Goodall will not embrace.

Comet fits the mold, at once evoking outer-space themes.   Goodall uses majestic synthesizer orchestrations on this CD, laced with acoustic guitar filigree and his ever-present flute samples.  Tracks like “Ice Crystals” show a dynamic arc and images that have eluded the composer in the past. Other tracks bank on his lush synthesizer strings, while “Future Written” is a rare vocal track, sung by Julianna. There are many Medwyn Goodall albums out there; Comet is as good as any of them.

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Diane Arkenstone – The Healing Spirit

15 04 2009

Diane Arkenstone  – The Healing Spirit

MP3@256 | 01:08:34 | 2001 | 125.59 MB

Timeless music featuring piano, guitars, gentle voices, temple bells, and keyboard textures.

“In searching for a way to bring comfort and healing to myself through music, this recording has produced a soothing and nurturing effect.”

——–Diane Arkenstone.

After a bad auto accident in March/01, this is a cd that I started to listen to in the hospital recovering from broken body and emotions. When I got home and had the horrible nightmares that usually follow a trauma, I would lay in the darkness saturated with pain, tears,then I would listen to track 7, “Transformation” and could visulize myself walking effortlessly and without pain, as if I were penetrating a veil of white gause, the music propelling me forward. The chimes gave me assurance that I was going to be ok.

Track 8, “Sanctuary”, has been showing me that spiritual place deep inside of me where all healing originates. I have done this healing journey without any medications, drugs, muscle relaxants etc..Just aspirin and Diane’s “Healing Spirit” that has been bringing me into that place of miracles done by the Spirit of Healing. This is one of the best piece’s of music that I own   ________ Patsy { Amazon }

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