Medwyn Goodall – Moon Goddess

10 04 2009

Medwyn Goodall – Moon Goddess

FLAC | 44:27 mins | 1996 | 266.69 MB

Medwyn is a good solid, multi-instrumentalist,composer of new age music. He hails from Wales and as such the celtic influence is no sham and a jumping off place rather then a costume.

At his worst he’s musically correct but at his best he is inspiring.

‘Revered for millennia for her beauty and nurturing power, the magnificent spirit of the Moon Goddess is re-awakened in captivating splendour. Medwyn combines deep and ancient sounds with his acclaimed instrumentation and beguiling special effects, to weave a stunning and irresistible spell of unsurpassed pleasure and enchantment.’

Medwyn Goodall has completely won me over with ‘Moon Goddess’. He’s released at least twenty albums now and is hardly faltering in his innate sense to create some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous pieces ever composed! This entire album, from start to finish, holds a very special place in my heart, but certain songs tug at me more profoundly than others, such as the emotional “Full Moon Magic”. Every time I hear this song I come close to tears–it’s that beautiful! The melodies are all so incredibly lush with a subtle, uplifting source of energy that you can’t help but FEEL this music as it courses through your very being. Sound melodramatic? Yeah, well, ‘Moon Goddess’ will have that passionate effect on you if only you let it.


1. Eyes Of Heaven

2. Full Moon Magic

3. Banquet In The Woods

4. Drawing Down The Moon

5. Deepest Secrets

6. Moonlit Whispers


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One response

6 11 2012
Love it.

Thanks! Eyes Of Heaven is a masterpiece.

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