Native Flute Ensemble – Native American Flute { Spirit Wind }

12 04 2009

Native  Flute Ensemble – Spirit Wind

MP3 @320 | 58:55 | 2007 | 134.89 MB

[ available in flac upon request ]

For more than 15 years the Native Flute Ensemble has been at the forefront of the

revival of interest in Native American music throughout the world. Through the

group’s five releases, the ensemble received critical and popular acclaim from early

on with releases like “Ritual Mesa” and “Gathering of Shamen”. The Native Flute

Ensemble was one of the first Native ensembles to marry the Native Ameri­can flute,

powwow drums and rattles with contemporary keyboards. At the same time the group

also excels in traditional Native American music as heard on several cuts on this CD.

In recent years the Native American flute has undergone an amazing renaissance as

audiences around the world have become enraptured with its sonorous sound. After

nearly being forgotten during the past several decades, Native American and

non-American listeners are rediscovering the music of what the Lakota/Sioux call the

“Enlightening Breath”.

In North America the most common flute is the courting flute of the Plains Indians.

According to tradition, a young man hoping to win the attention of a young woman

would go into the forest to find a special wood to make the flute from. He would then

spend many hours carving the flute, which works essentially like a European recorder.

The young man would then compose a special melody on the flute – one that no-one had  ever heard before.

He would play the song outside the woman’s tepee during the  evening.

If the young woman found the melody pleasing, she would leave her tepee and  meet with the flute player.

Courting flutes usually measure between six and eight inches (about 15-20 cm) and are  made of a variety of woods.

Often the flute maker would carve a f1ute in the shape of  a particular “spirit animal”, such as an eagle or a fish to give it special powers.

Another type of flute is the medicine flute used by several tribes in the Southwest.

The Apaches used the flute during the course of various healing ceremonies.

Within the past decade musicians have re-discovered the Native American flute’s

special charms as both a solo and ensemble instrument and have begun composing

new  music for the instrument, which reflects the Native American heritage.


1. Drummer’s Journey

2. Red Hawk’s Rattle

3. Calling The Spirits

4. Sacred Spaces

5. Healer’s Melody

6. Cosmic Tree

7. Spirit Rock

8. Spirit Wind

9. Invoking Hawk’s Spirit

10. Offerings Against An Empty Sky

11. Guardians Of The Medicine Pipes

12. Flutes Of The Heart

13. Flute And Drum Quest

14. Flesh Of The White Corn


Download Part One |  Download Part Two

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