Nakai*Eaton*Clipman*Nawang – In A Distant Place

14 04 2009

R.Carlos Nakai * William Eaton * Bill Clipman * Nawang Khechog

In A Distant Place

FLAC | EAC | TEST & COPY | LOG & CUE | 01:09:10 mins | 2000 | 319 MB

The sweet voices of the Native American flutes of R. Carlos Nakai and the Tibetan flutes of Nawang Khechog blend together against the rich sonic palette created by the magical harp guitar, lyre and spiral clef guitar of William Eaton and the pulsing world beat percussion of Will Clipman.

Distant peoples and distant places come together in this musical exploration of the worlds of Native America and Tibet.


01. (00:07:51) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – A Gathering of Eagles
02. (00:03:50) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Aspen Wind
03. (00:04:57) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Tibetan Turquoise
04. (00:07:59) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – My Wild Heart Sings
05. (00:08:57) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Prayer For The New Millenium
06. (00:05:47) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Riding The Wind
07. (00:04:00) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Dream Catcher
08. (00:03:58) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – In A Distant Place
09. (00:07:29) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Dwelling in the Garden
10. (00:04:38) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – A Song For My People
11. (00:06:18) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – As Long As The Grass Grows
12. (00:03:27) Nakai Eaton Clipman Nawang – Barbarians At The Gate


Download Part One | Download Part Two

Download Part Three | Download Part Four

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3 responses

9 08 2010

The link is broken ..
Please could you renew it?

30 09 2010

I just saw this, I will re-upload as as possible,
has to work this evening, but as soon a I get back its all yours

1 10 2010

It is very nice
Happy I’ll be back …

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