Diane Arkenstone – The Healing Spirit

15 04 2009

Diane Arkenstone  – The Healing Spirit

MP3@256 | 01:08:34 | 2001 | 125.59 MB

Timeless music featuring piano, guitars, gentle voices, temple bells, and keyboard textures.

“In searching for a way to bring comfort and healing to myself through music, this recording has produced a soothing and nurturing effect.”

——–Diane Arkenstone.

After a bad auto accident in March/01, this is a cd that I started to listen to in the hospital recovering from broken body and emotions. When I got home and had the horrible nightmares that usually follow a trauma, I would lay in the darkness saturated with pain, tears,then I would listen to track 7, “Transformation” and could visulize myself walking effortlessly and without pain, as if I were penetrating a veil of white gause, the music propelling me forward. The chimes gave me assurance that I was going to be ok.

Track 8, “Sanctuary”, has been showing me that spiritual place deep inside of me where all healing originates. I have done this healing journey without any medications, drugs, muscle relaxants etc..Just aspirin and Diane’s “Healing Spirit” that has been bringing me into that place of miracles done by the Spirit of Healing. This is one of the best piece’s of music that I own   ________ Patsy { Amazon }


1. (00:07:54) Diane Arkenstone – The secret garden
2. (00:07:08) Diane Arkenstone – The angel’s voice
3. (00:08:17) Diane Arkenstone – A gentle touch
4. (00:07:24) Diane Arkenstone – Dreamscape
5. (00:06:57) Diane Arkenstone – Transformation
6. (00:07:42) Diane Arkenstone – Hidden world
7. (00:08:01) Diane Arkenstone – Ocean of stars
8. (00:05:32) Diane Arkenstone – Sanctuary
9. (00:05:59) Diane Arkenstone – Waters of life
10. (00:03:40) Diane Arkenstone – Healing spirit


Download Part One |    Download Part Two

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