Medwyn Goodall – Comet

15 04 2009


Medwyn Goodall – Comet

MP3@192  |  56:09 mins  |  1999  |  65.09 MB

Medwyn Goodall is among the most prolific and encompassing of New Age synthesists.  There isn’t a New Age concept that Goodall will not embrace.

Comet fits the mold, at once evoking outer-space themes.   Goodall uses majestic synthesizer orchestrations on this CD, laced with acoustic guitar filigree and his ever-present flute samples.  Tracks like “Ice Crystals” show a dynamic arc and images that have eluded the composer in the past. Other tracks bank on his lush synthesizer strings, while “Future Written” is a rare vocal track, sung by Julianna. There are many Medwyn Goodall albums out there; Comet is as good as any of them.


1. (00:08:46) Medwyn Goodall – Future Written
2. (00:04:39) Medwyn Goodall – Lagoon Nebula
3. (00:06:20) Medwyn Goodall – Ice Crystals
4. (00:04:38) Medwyn Goodall – Earth Passing
5. (00:04:54) Medwyn Goodall – Starseed
6. (00:05:07) Medwyn Goodall – Inherit The Stars
7. (00:06:14) Medwyn Goodall – Behold The Darkness
8. (00:07:45) Medwyn Goodall – Twin Moons
9. (00:03:47) Medwyn Goodall – Stargate
10. (00:04:00) Medwyn Goodall – Future Written (Single Version)


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