Oliver Mtukudzi Nhava

20 06 2009

Oliver Mtukudzi – Nhava

FLAC | 1:46:22 mins | 2005 | 407.72 MB

Singer/guitarist/activist Oliver Mtukudzi has cut a broad swath through his native Zimbabwe. He has recorded countless records and become the country‚Äôs biggest star, but his work is less known on this side of the pond. Here on Nhava (which is the Zimbabwean word for “carrying bag”), Mtukudzi offers bag of tunes overflowing with sunny African melodies and lyrics with messages of encouragement and advice. The words are married to a unique style called “Tuku music” (Tuku is his nickname), where Mtukudzi draws upon traditional forms of mbira, modern jiti and South African mbanqanga. In layman’s terms, it means Mtukudzi’s deep voice, a strong chorus of background vocals, and highly danceable interlocking rhythms of African drums and electric guitars. Highlights include the chiming “Ninipa” and the hypnotic “Pindirai.” Regardless of whether Mtukudzi has heard the dance floor mantra, “Free your mind and you feet will follow,” he’s practicing it here on Nhava. –Tad Hendrickson

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