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14 04 2009

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. I grew tired of blogger and its little bugs. Hopefully this is going to work better.

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What we do for ourselves dies with us.

What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

Albert Pine

Southwest Spirits

2002 – Savitri

14 04 2009

2002 – Savitri

MP3 @192 |  1:09:06 mins  |  1995  | 103 MB

This is one of the most enchanting musical sagas that engulfs you and transports you to the enchanted time of Savitri.

You find yourself lost in the beauty and magic of Sivitri.

The way the different instruments are woven together gives this creation its richness and enchantment.

It is very powerful and moving.   { Amazon }

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Nakai*Eaton*Clipman*Nawang – In A Distant Place

14 04 2009

R.Carlos Nakai * William Eaton * Bill Clipman * Nawang Khechog

In A Distant Place

FLAC | EAC | TEST & COPY | LOG & CUE | 01:09:10 mins | 2000 | 319 MB

The sweet voices of the Native American flutes of R. Carlos Nakai and the Tibetan flutes of Nawang Khechog blend together against the rich sonic palette created by the magical harp guitar, lyre and spiral clef guitar of William Eaton and the pulsing world beat percussion of Will Clipman.

Distant peoples and distant places come together in this musical exploration of the worlds of Native America and Tibet.

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PBS – ” We Shall Remain ” New Series about Native Americans

13 04 2009

Visit The Official PBS Site About  ” We Shall Remain ” For Full Info

PBS, presents ” We Shall Remain “ a five part series

At the heart of the project is a five-part television series that shows how Native peoples valiantly resisted expulsion from their lands and fought the extinction of their culture — from the Wampanoags of New England in the 1600s who used their alliance with the English to weaken rival tribes, to the bold new leaders of the 1970s who harnessed the momentum of the civil rights movement to forge a pan-Indian identity. WE SHALL REMAIN represents an unprecedented collaboration between Native and non-Native filmmakers and involves Native advisors and scholars at all levels of the project. <<<<< { source PBS }

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Various Native American Artists – Between Father Sky and Mother Earth

12 04 2009

Various Artists – Between Father Sky and Mother Earth

MP3 @ 160 |  53:22 | 1995 | 63.37 MB

Between Father Sky and Mother Earth is a mystical blend of instrumentals, haunting vocals, and the otherworldly sound of the Native American flute. Many different musical heritages are represented here, including Navajo, Lakota, Apache, Comanche, Kiowa, Mohican, Zuni, and Cherokee. Each song has a story to tell, some with words, some with music and the sounds of nature. This is music to awaken the spirit and soul.

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Native Flute Ensemble – Native American Flute { Spirit Wind }

12 04 2009

Native  Flute Ensemble – Spirit Wind

MP3 @320 | 58:55 | 2007 | 134.89 MB

[ available in flac upon request ]

For more than 15 years the Native Flute Ensemble has been at the forefront of the

revival of interest in Native American music throughout the world. Through the

group’s five releases, the ensemble received critical and popular acclaim from early

on with releases like “Ritual Mesa” and “Gathering of Shamen”. The Native Flute

Ensemble was one of the first Native ensembles to marry the Native Ameri­can flute,

powwow drums and rattles with contemporary keyboards. At the same time the group

also excels in traditional Native American music as heard on several cuts on this CD.

In recent years the Native American flute has undergone an amazing renaissance as

audiences around the world have become enraptured with its sonorous sound. After

nearly being forgotten during the past several decades, Native American and

non-American listeners are rediscovering the music of what the Lakota/Sioux call the

“Enlightening Breath”.

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Era – The Very Best Of

12 04 2009

Era – The Very Best Of Era

MP3 @ 256 Kbps | 01:03:44 | 2005 | 117.00 MB

Takes you away from the daily beat you normally hear on radio stations to an enchanted place that can only be achieved by meditating and maybe even chanting a little.

Excellent  music on a slow summer or winter day.

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